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Early Learning Academy

(Ages 6 weeks to 6 years old)

We at Leapfrog Academy of Excellence believe integrity should be the foundation of all education, both as it is implemented to our students and as it is ingrained in our teaching method. Knowing the problem is fifty percent of the solution, hence, we pride ourselves in always being upfront and honest with our parents about their child’s progress and development. This will always lead to the quickest and most effective path towards success.

“The relentless pursuit of excellence…each and every day” is more than a motto that simply sounds nice. We truly live by it at Leapfrog. Our goal is focused: To give your child the best supplemental education possible within a caring and safe environment. Our management team and teachers are fully committed to continuously explore innovative and effective teaching methods that will assist your child in getting test scores up.

Along with helping your child turn C’s and B’s into A’s , Leapfrog Academy of Excellence also recognizes that it has a social responsibility. Local businesses and community leaders have a civic duty to promote growth and change in south Fulton. The vehicle for change always comes from a fulfilled education in our public school system, which must be supplemented by uniting our local talented business leaders and motivated mentors with our community’s children. We all have a responsibility towards change, and Leapfrog will never shy away from leading the way by making the connections.


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Classroom Security

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